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Benefits Administration Platform

We now have a new, powerful tool to support your employees in their benefits administration journey: the upgraded eBenefits® platform. eBenefits’ technology has helped businesses improve efficiency and engagement since 2005, and the new platform transforms benefits administration from a chaotic annual event to a year-round, personalized process for both organizations and their workforce.

Workpartners supports our superior, integrated platform with rigorous security protocols and Six Sigma™ processes. The new platform’s advanced technology reduces strain on your HR team by simplifying benefit management, reporting, and administration so your staff can spend more time assisting and educating your workforce.

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Our virtual benefits assistant is fully mobile, available 24/7, and can answer questions in 27 languages.

Workpartners® and the new eBenefits platform allow you and your HR team to focus on what matters most: your employees, and their unique benefits needs. That’s how we help you and your employees thrive, and that’s the definition of People Activation.

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"eBenefits’ technology integrates eligibility and enrollment, reporting and analytics, billing, and more. It simplifies everything around benefits, for both our HR staff and our students."

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Our new eBenefits platform can improve your employees benefits engagement and ease the burden on your HR staff. 

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