The Benefits of Partnering with an Integrated Solutions Partner


Partnering with an integrated solutions provider empowers companies to build a healthy and resilient workforce full of engaged and productive employees who have fewer absences. Creating a culture of health that focuses on the holistic well-being of employees and organizations establishes the foundation. The process takes precision and forethought.

Our discovery process becomes your customized solution

A bundled approach

The extensive discovery process, with data as its base, enables companies to utilize the exact mix of resources they need to meet specific health management and wellness goals and objectives. Combining services in this way addresses employees’ physical health and financial and social well-being. This all-inclusive approach helps the employee population get and stay healthy. Having employees who are healthy on all these fronts fosters a productive workplace.

What does integration include?

An integrated solutions provider bundles health and productivity solutions together.

Employee assistance program
Offering an employee assistance program (EAP) can be an effective way to help employees successfully respond to life’s personal and work-related challenges.
Health management
This segment of wellness includes lifestyle programs that merge health risk assessment data with personalized online programs and tools to manage chronic conditions.
On-site services
Making it easier for employees to access health services helps them take care of health needs before they turn into serious issues that can lead to increased absence.
Absence management
Putting your company’s leave administration in the hands of a trusted partner with years of experience administering leaves of all types, including intermittent, FMLA, military, and employer-sponsored leaves makes the complex process easy to navigate.

Advantages of working with an integrated solutions provider

Working with an integrated solutions provider like Workpartners allows employers to align benefit design and incentives with wellness programs, so employees can take a proactive approach to their health and well-being. Results include:

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When fueled by advanced data analytics, workforce management can become even more strategic and effective in reducing costs and improving employee health status.

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