A person-centric approach means higher employee engagement. 

Reach employees at the right time with the right services to lower health care costs and increase productivity.


The key to better engagement? Our Human Capital Risk Index (HUI)®

 Our proprietary HUI draws from your unique, integrated data sets and benchmarks against our rich database of over one billion de-identified records.

We look at factors like lost time, medical and pharmacy claims, workers' compensation, and other data sources to assess and predict risk holistically.

This unique approach to employee risk analysis allows us to sort your employees (anonymously) into specific cohorts with targeted engagement strategies.


Understanding your workforce.

High Risk

The 5%

The employees driving more than 50% of your health care costs. Specialized advocacy tools and services like KnovaSolutions, clinical nurses, counseling, and health coaching will help mitigate costs.

Emerging Risk

The 15%

The employees starting to develop, or at risk for, chronic conditions and injuries. While strong intervention isn’t always necessary for this audience, they can still benefit from programs like health coaching, telemedicine, and more.

Low Risk

The 80%

Much of the workforce simply needs to be encouraged and motivated to stay healthy. Tailored workplace incentive programs, benefit package design, and regular communication can help keep this population healthy.

Engagement in action.

See how our products and services can transform the lives of employees.


Our unique approach to benefits administration and employee engagement via our eBenefits platform helped one business owner reduce health care costs, grow his business, and engage his employees – all with measurable results.

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Learn how a targeted approach to engaging high-risk employees via our KnovaSolutions program helped one woman not only lose 20 pounds (and move out of the high-risk cohort) but take control of her health and well-being – earning her a promotion and giving her the confidence to run a half marathon.

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Our person-centric approach helped Angie get support for a family member in need, manage her depression, improve her well-being, and get back to work more engaged than ever before.

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