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How we drive an average ROI of 360% for our clients.

Through our experience, and our approach to integrating data, we found that disease tells only a part of the story. By looking at the whole person, we can produce an average ROI of 360% for our clients, with the potential to drive significant cost savings across their organization.

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How we reduce lost workdays & drive cost savings.

Did you know that depression rates among employees on leave (FMLA) double? By taking a person-centric approach to leave, we have been able to mitigate depression, driving average cost savings of $1,748 per employee and reducing lost workdays by 3.8 days.

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How we saved a non-profit $1 million in just 1 year.

Through a combination of benefit design changes and the implementation of our clinical decision support program (KnovaSolutions) we were able to save one nonprofit over $1 million in just one year, and drive over 300% ROI on their investment.

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