Empower Your Workforce on the Road to Resilience.

Help employees build resilience skills.

Wellness campaigns work for you and your employees. Giving employees resources that encourage resilience can lead to improved health and increased productivity.

The Road to Resilience teaches self-care and other resilience strategies that help employees improve their overall health and empower them to overcome stress.

How it works:

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Wellness Campaigns Work

Without employee wellness efforts that address stress, you could be at risk of increased health care costs and lost productivity.

Stress can be costly for employers1

Increased absence and turnover

Job stress accounts for approximately 50 percent of all workplace absences and 40 percent of employee turnover.

Higher health care costs

Research indicates that health care expenditures can increase by as much as 50 percent for workers who perceive their jobs as stressful and nearly 200 percent for those who report high levels of job stress and depression.

Overall losses

The total cost of job stress incurred by the U.S. economy ranges from $250-$300 billion annually.

Spend smart. Use your wellness credits.

Don’t leave money on the table. Ask your account representative what you can cover with credits and how to use them most effectively.


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