Show your employees the way to wellness

Use our digitally delivered campaigns to:

  • Promote health.
  • Lower health care spending.
  • Improve employee productivity.


Healthy employees are productive employees.

At Workpartners®, we aim to promote health, lower health care spending, and improve employee productivity. Our wellness campaigns help us accomplish these goals. They’re designed to be flexible, scalable, and affordable while addressing the factors that drive high employee health care costs: excess weight, poor nutrition, inactivity, stress, and a lack of work-life balance.

Bundle, buy, save with the fall bundle.

When you buy both campaigns, you will:

Don’t leave money on the table. Ask your account representative what your wellness credits can cover and how to most effectively use them.

Fall wellness bundle

Learn more about the two wellness campaigns included in this bundle offer.

Find Your Fitness
Sept. 1-Sept. 30

Find Your Fitness is a four-week physical activity challenge that promotes activities that target the major contributors to overall health. Each week, members will learn about physical activity components and set small goals to improve their health.

Road to Resilience
Oct. 1-Oct. 31

Road to Resilience is a four-week resilience, stress, and self-care challenge that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Each week, members will learn about core aspects of resilience and set small goals to improve their health.

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