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KnovaSolutions is a confidential, no-cost, and voluntary personal health service provided by our independent team of nurse clinicians, pharmacists, diabetic educators, and medical research librarians who serve as your resource for information and clinical decision support.

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Decision support is an important part of your overall health. KnovaSolutions is a clinical decision support service that provides assistance to you and your family. Services are available by phone, email, and mobile app. The KnovaSolutions team consists of a personal nurse, pharmacist, and research librarian, as well as certified diabetes educators. The team focuses on your holistic health and gives you expert support to improve your health in a confidential and HIPAA-compliant way.

97% Members who enrolled in the clinical prevention program were satisfied with the service.

99% Felt that their nurse listened to their concerns.

97% Agreed or strongly agreed that their nurse helped them understand their health care options better.