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Integrated Absence Reporting and Notifications

O|BI integrated absence reports

Access for authorized personnel and broker/consultant representatives can be provided to our online reporting platform, O|BI® (Online Business Intelligence). O|BI is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows you to access key data analytic applications from data integrated across your entire health and productivity benefit lines.

Our comprehensive approach delivers decision support, dynamic reporting, and ad-hoc analytics. Integrated data will reflect policy incentives and disincentives that drive employees’ behavior and consumption of benefits, allowing more predictive power from your data and risk modeling.

The platform is grouped into four easy-to-navigate categories: Dashboard, Dynamic Reporting, Data Analytics Summary, and Database Profile. The platform provides seamless integration with all types of absences as well as other Workpartners products, including workers' compensation, short-term disability, and wellness programs.

Absence monitor

In a world where business owners need to know in real-time who is calling off for the day, we found that other communication channels like email and text were not always reliable. Absence Monitor is a proprietary tool we created to help us and our clients receive better, faster communications about absences for the day, obtain approvals faster, and give you the ability to adjust staffing in real time.

Real-time updates to your company absences with Absence Monitor.

Don’t let absence administration take over your to do list.

Our full suite of integrated absence management services includes short-term disability and leave administration. We can help employers looking for a trusted partner to reduce employees’ time away from work in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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