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Clinical Decision Support: Identify and Engage Your High-Risk Employees

For some people, managing health care issues is almost a full-time job. Dealing with multiple illnesses, scheduling tests and appointments, and keeping track of numerous prescriptions can place a serious strain on those who are already struggling.

We use our integrated, predictive data analysis to identify the 5 percent of high-risk employees who are typically responsible for 50 percent or more of benefit expenditures. These employees are offered enrollment in KnovaSolutions, our personalized clinical decision support program. We can identify specific individuals for further intervention because of our robust data analytics, which allow us to reveal a holistic health picture of each employee and assign them a personal health risk score (HUI).

For those whose health care issues seem overwhelming, Workpartners offers some much-needed help. Our KnovaSolutions clinical services take a holistic approach and are built to equip and empower people to navigate complexity, improve their health, and make better-informed health care decisions. All of this helps reduce waste, lower costs, and improve quality of life.

2:1 to 5:1 return on investment

Our research has shown that 5 percent of an employer's population consumes 50 percent or more of all health benefit costs. Improving the outcomes for that at-risk population can make a major impact in their lives, while dramatically reducing your human capital expenses.

We've found that providing this level of clinical prevention service results in an ROI between 2:1 and 5:1, on average.

Five things set KnovaSolutions apart:
  1. Identify who needs help: KnovaSolutions integrates HR data with medical, pharmacy, and lost-time data (leave, STD, LTD, workers’ comp) to accurately identify which employees and dependents are currently in the high-cost 5 percent group.
  2. Person and family-centric approach: KnovaSolutions’ experienced team of clinical professionals focuses on helping people better manage the complexity of their personal and family lives. This gives them the time and focus needed to improve their health and make better-informed health care decisions.
  3. Team of experts: Each participant works directly with a nurse who coordinates with a licensed pharmacist and medical librarian to provide information, action plans and support. The team makes referrals to employer- and community-based experts and programs to help participants achieve their goals.
  4. Focus on empowerment: Teams provide education, action plans, and coaching that focuses on empowering participants and families to regain control over their lives, health, and health care. As a result, participants and families are better able to cope long after the intervention ends.
  5. Meaningful results: Because participants are empowered to improve their health, by the end of the program they are seeing fewer providers, taking fewer drugs, having fewer tests, and are missing fewer workdays. Because waste is reduced, costs go down. And because employers have regained control over their life and health, they’re satisfied with the service. On average, clients see an ROI of between 2:1 and 5:1—and 99 percent of participants indicate they would recommend the program to others.
How we help

KnovaSolutions takes a person-centric approach that goes beyond illness and injury. We address concerns that impact overall well-being, like nutrition, stress management, family counseling, education, and work issues. Employees and their families are in control of their health every step of the way, with our KnovaSolutions clinical team there to support their health decisions and answer questions.

Employees who are referred to KnovaSolutions incur no costs for these services. The program is offered by the employer, but no information that the employee provides is ever shared with the company.

The clinical support team can answer questions like:

  • What does my diagnosis mean?
  • Where can I go for the best treatment?
  • How do I get a second opinion?
  • What are the risks and benefits of this surgery?
  • How do I get a copy of my medical records?
  • What lifestyle changes will improve my health?
  • How can I decrease the stress in my life?

KnovaSolutions’ services are available for employees who:

  • Take five or more prescription medications.
  • See three or more specialists.
  • Do not have a strong relationship with a primary care provider.
  • Have had to give up some favorite activities.
  • Have been sick, sometimes for multiple days at a time.
  • Are confused about what to do to feel better.
  • Need to manage multiple doctors and treatments.

See the solution in action

KnovaSolutions takes a person-centric approach that goes beyond illness and injury. We address concerns that impact overall well-being, like nutrition, stress management, family counseling, education, and work issues.

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