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Employee Assistance Program

Supporting First Responders During COVID-19

First responders dedicate themselves to helping others. Every day, they put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us healthy and safe. These men and women answer the call, no matter what, and they do it all without expecting anything in return.

Employee Wellness

Encouraging Behavior Change Over Clinical Interventions

Offering employees and their families incentives for engagement can encourage them to adopt healthy behaviors. It can also enable them to self-monitor and manage chronic conditions. Education and engagement help reduce both the number of new cases per year as well as the prevalence of chronic conditions in your employee population. This can go a long way to managing costs, and your employees will be better off as a result!

Employee Wellness

Reducing Medical and Productivity Costs

Workpartners' proprietary Human Capital Risk Index, HUI®, allows us to predictively measure the risk and cost of each person in your population and monitor changes on both the individual and population-based levels. You’ll be fully aware of your workplace environment and able to stay on top of health and productivity in your workplace

Employee Wellness

Optimizing the Work Environment for Health and Productivity

A holistic view of your organization’s strengths and needs is the important first step when you’re looking to optimize your company’s health and productivity. It’s important that you understand makes your “environment.” It’s much more complicated than a simple office layout or decorations on the walls.

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