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Incentive Programs

Starting employees on the journey toward developing healthier lifestyles and encouraging them to stay the course is easy with Workpartners’ annual incentive campaign platform for health improvement, Take a Healthy Step.

Take a Healthy Step provides an engaging context within which employees can choose from an array of “healthy steps"—activities and services designed to improve and maintain health. The program also takes full advantage of our integrated data approach, as we use benefit usage data as well as information supplied by the employee to create a personalized list of activities, programs, and services.

Discover how our platform engages and inspires
Most healthy step activities are simple and easy to complete, such as:
  • Getting a flu shot
  • Working with a health coach
  • Receiving appropriate health screenings
  • Getting a vision or dental exam
  • Completing a health and wellness assessment
  • Talking to a health coach
  • Participating in engaging activity programs
  • Downloading our health and wellness apps
  • Linking your activity tracker to the website
  • Viewing informational videos tailored to your wellness interests
  • Reading articles on important health topics
  • Signing up for motivational text messages

Each healthy step rewards employees with points that can be used for incentives defined by employers, such as qualifying for prize drawings or credit toward annual health insurance deductibles.

Take a Healthy Step benefits both employees and employers. Employers determine the goals, requirements, and incentives for employees and can adjust as needed in order to maintain employee interest. Employees can take a proactive role in their health, which helps control benefit costs and keep employee premiums manageable.

Over time, Take a Healthy Step helps employers build a culture of health and wellness through reduced employee population health risk and related costs, decreased absenteeism and presenteeism, and increased workplace productivity.

Take a Healthy Step is adaptable to any employee population. All activities can be offered or just a select few. Unique activities of interest to your employees, such as use of the on-site gym or participation in company-sponsored events, can easily be incorporated into Take a Healthy Step to drive employee interest and engagement.

How data drives our personalized incentive program

Employees begin the Take a Healthy Step journey by completing the MyHealth Questionnaire, an online assessment tool. This questionnaire provides an overall health score based on employee responses and suggests specific Healthy Step activities. A recommended biometric screening provides important information that complements the information gathered from the MyHealth Questionnaire. Screenings can uncover hidden health issues, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These initial assessments offer employees a snapshot of their current health.

All activities are tracked and reported online. The platform helps employers track member engagement and the number of incentive points earned, freeing human resources personnel from having to do this work manually.

By offering employees engaging tools and activities designed to improve their most pressing health issues, our incentive program improves wellness, mitigates health risks, and reduces your company’s costs.

Help your employees be happier, healthier, and more engaged.

Don't let modifiable health risks and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors drag down your employees and your bottom line. Let us help you turn your workplace into a well-place.

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