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The Hidden Costs of Leave

We know that every hour an employee is on leave hurts your bottom line, but the hidden cost of absence is the stress it puts on team members who must carry on the work when a fellow employee is absent. Moreover, if handled incorrectly, a leave could present a liability or burden that is far greater than that of the absence itself.

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What’s the full cost of employee absence?

Our solutions will help you respond respectfully and consistently to your employees’ leave requests, giving them the time needed to improve their health and morale so they can be their best, do their best, and achieve their best. We will ease your administrative burden while complying with all applicable laws, giving you the peace of mind necessary to pursue your business goals and lower your employee absence costs.

$100 B The current cost of work absences—including FMLA, military, and other employer-sponsored leaves—to U.S. businesses annually.

36% Of total payroll costs are absence-related. The full cost of employee absences has eclipsed the cost of health care.

A trusted partner in all types of leave management

Workpartners is experienced at handling all types of leaves, including:

  • FMLA
  • State leave tracking
  • Military leave (USERRA)
  • State military leave
  • Jury duty
  • Municipal/county leaves
  • Company-specific leaves, such as bereavement
  • Intermittent leave
  • Day one
Trending: Changing and expanding state and federal laws

Employers across the country face the very real challenge of complying with more than 200 active state-specific unpaid leave laws, in addition to meeting federal FMLA requirements. With a clear trend toward generous leave, it’s more important than ever for employers to partner with an expert to navigate the change and avoid issues surrounding noncompliance.

Let Workpartners’ smart absence management boost your bottom line

Organizations turn to Workpartners for expert help managing their leave program. Why? Because it all comes down to the value of Workpartners:

  • Single point of contact through absence specialists who will be knowledgeable of your policies and culture and empathetic to your employees’ situation
  • Dedicated toll-free telephone number for your employees’ convenience
  • Real-time, 24/7, U.S.-based intake and call center access for your employees’ comfort
  • Online portal for time tracking and claim entry
  • Access to TransPerfect Language Line, with 186 different languages to support employees who are more comfortable communicating in other languages
  • In-house medical expertise and medical case management to speed your employees’ return to work
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end communication that encourages your employees to return to work
  • Ongoing tracking, reporting, and delivery of proprietary, comprehensive, and actionable data analytics/reporting that identifies misuse, minimizes fraud and abuse, quantifies lost opportunities, and determines program impact
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated team who acts as an extension of your team
Service highlights
  • Leave administration
  • Disability administration
  • Clinical management
  • Consultation
  • Robust reporting and customizable analytics

Workpartners’ absence management programs help your organization maintain a healthy, present, and active workforce through a deeply people-centric approach.

Don’t let absence administration take over your to do list.

Our full suite of integrated absence management services includes short-term disability and leave administration. We can help employers looking for a trusted partner to reduce employees’ time away from work in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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