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Analytics Redefined. Integrate your Siloed Data to Identify More

What is the true cost of health in your organization? You may think you know, but unless you're integrating data across all benefit sources, you're likely missing 40% of health and benefit related costs. Workpartners is the only company that can fully integrate and analyze all of your data—including data that has been traditionally siloed—to give you a complete picture of the health of your employee population and where it’s best to focus your efforts.

And if that data is not integrated into a person-centric view, it’s not actionable. That’s our proprietary approach and it’s why we’re able to Identify more, Engage more, and Impact more with proven ROIs of 2x to 5x, on average.

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Workpartners digs deeper into your data.

We gather medical, pharmacy, disability claims, benefits administration data, workers’ compensation claims, and numerous other data streams for each of your employees and their family members. Using this data, we then build an integrated view of your total employee population at an individual level—this is your own, person-centric data warehouse.

Integrated data warehousing

Metrics and reporting are crucial to understanding how your programs are performing, how your member health is progressing, and what’s working. Our integrated data warehouse approach supports the innovation embodied in all of our services. With quick ingestion capabilities, your program can be up and running within weeks of implementation.

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Predictive health analytics & individualized risk scores

Workpartners identifies populations and individuals that are currently driving excessive costs and can project who will be driving excessive cost waste in the future. Our HUI risk index is unique because it incorporates health and benefit data including lost-time data, which allows for evaluation of a full spectrum of risk and assigns a personal risk score to each individual within an organization.

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Population risk analysis

This is a simple first step for creating a comprehensive population risk analysis (PRA) that provides actionable insights on your employees’ benefit consumption behaviors. It also helps us identify the trends and issues that relate to your organization, then benchmark them against leading industry integrated data inputs. You can request a PRA to test drive our expert solutions and get a high-level overview of your company’s workforce health.

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Benchmarking & reporting

Our benchmarking database includes approximately 500 million person-centric claims that span over 20 years. Starting with human capital (people) data, we add information about jobs, compensation, benefits, health and safety programs, and business performance in order to produce custom, timely research outcomes. We apply our proprietary algorithms to compare your company to other similar businesses and industries.

Our Online Business Intelligence—O|BI—provides a custom SaaS platform and reporting tool with flexible, real-time access to all your information and program trends with self-service, drill-down capability. Workpartners can create the customized reports relevant to your company’s needs and goals. O|BI is the integrated reporting tool you’ve been waiting for.

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Insurance Office of America

"Workpartners' analytic services help us understand the things we need to be focusing on to help our clients."

- Louis Gallucci, Vice President

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