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Population Health Starts with Data Analytics

The first step is to conduct a comprehensive population risk analysis (PRA)

Workpartners can conduct a comprehensive PRA to get you started with a sneak peak of your total human capital costs. This evaluation provides insight on your employees’ benefit consumption behaviors. It will also identify the trends and issues that relate to your organization and benchmark them against leading industry indicators.

Integrated data inputs
  • Employee demographics and compensation
  • Short-term disability claims
  • Workers' compensation claims
  • FMLA claims
  • Medical and pharmacy claims
  • Long-term disability claims
  • Sick leave
  • Absence and health plan policy information
  • Absence PTO

We then develop a view of your total workforce, using our deep advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms to project future expenses and identify opportunities for improvement. By taking this holistic view of the benefits your employees use, we can identify the core problems that affect your at-risk workers.

We focus on identifying at-risk employees and offering them personalized clinical decision support because we know that can dramatically improve their health and well-being, reduce absences, and cut associated costs.

Transforming population health data into cost savings

Many employees go on leave because of an acute injury or illness but those absences can also be driven by long-term mental or physical conditions, such as depression and chronic pain. Once you have a view of your high risk populations our suite of Advocacy services can help you assist workers who are dealing with physical or cognitive difficulties by engaging them in personalized services to address their specific needs before they require a leave of absence.

Our goal is for you to have fewer employees who develop serious health issues and use a disproportionate amount of benefits. As we conduct our analysis, we will concentrate on identifying areas that present the greatest opportunities for positive results. We also will help chart a course that can make a meaningful impact on your employees’ health and your total benefits costs.

Your employees are your greatest asset. Workpartners’ population risk analysis will get you started on the journey to addressing their needs and reducing your risks and costs.

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