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Integrating Return-to-Work (RTW) and ADA Compliance

Workpartners’ three tiers of services allow us to provide full-service Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) leave administration to include receipt of the initial request, evaluation of the medical concerns being presented by the employee and/or provider, evaluation of the actual request, and recommendations/suggestions for alternative accommodations.

We strive to meet individual client needs and can create a customized program to meet your company’s needs. We work in close collaboration with you to define the time frames for referral to the ADA leave administration services that best match the needs of your organization.

We have three robust service tiers:

Tier One: As an employee approaches the end of their available leave balance, Workpartners will notify your employee of the exhaustion and provide guidance on their rights under ADA/ADAAA. If your employee is not able to return to work on the expected date, we will determine if they can request additional time off and/or determine if there are other reasonable accommodations such as modified-duty work that would allow your employee to return in any capacity. Our actions will be based on protocols established during implementation.

Workpartners can also provide evaluation and recommendations related to all accommodation requests, not just those cases requesting leave as an accommodation.

Tier Two: When a client wants to discuss accommodation options with the employee directly, Workpartners can assist by engaging with the employee's medical providers to assess the nature of the disability and ensure that the condition qualifies for ADA/ADAAA. Once the medical information is confirmed, Workpartners turns the relevant information over to the designated team at the employer group to engage in further discussion with the employee and to determine a final course of action.

Tier Three: Many clients prefer to have an independent third party make the evaluation of the medical condition, conduct interviews with the employee and supervisor in conjunction with the local HR team, confirm the essential job functions, and develop appropriate recommendations to provide to the operational team for consideration. In this tier of service, Workpartners will also serve as the record keeper for all conversations, medical information, job details, and decisions related to the accommodation request.

Case Study: Help employees return to work, ready to work

A clinical nurse with 20 years of exceptional service was battling the progression of her multiple sclerosis. As a result, the employee was having trouble walking long distances and was concerned with her ability to continue to deliver services to her patients.

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