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Advanced Analytics & Reporting Technology!

Metrics and reporting are crucial to understanding how your programs are performing, how your member health is progressing, and what’s working. Our quick, third-party data ingestion gets your programs up and running quickly—while our integrated reporting tools, predictive analytics, and benchmarking give you an endless range of tools and data sets on which to measure and report so you can chart your organization’s human capital journey.


Workpartners’ online analytic and reporting platform gives businesses limitless opportunities to analyze data on anything from the cost of illness and absenteeism to reducing workplace accidents and trending employee engagement. Leveraging your own integrated data sets will help you understand your company’s human capital risks, gain a broader view of your total integrated benefit costs, and isolate areas for improvement.

Customized dashboard metrics, key performance indicator views, and a variety of standard and customized modules allow companies to focus on improving business performance. Workpartners allows you to home in on this information while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security available; application access is granted through a combination of roles and permissions that you require.

Benchmarking database to power integrated data

Our Research Reference Database (RRDb) supports “new thinking” innovation embodied in all our services. Organically grown over the past 20 years, RRDb is one of the most wide-ranging databases available. It is composed of approximately 500 million integrated claims—which means the database can provide not only a person-centric view of medical and pharmacy programs, but also a view of our clients’ business policies, health plans, and lost time benefits design and compensation programs. This helps us identify the root cause of inefficiency and waste in our clients’ program offerings and benchmark against other businesses and industries.

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Integrated data boosts our predictive models by up to 40 times more than medical and pharmacy claims alone.

From this comprehensive and person-centric approach, we can apply predictive analytics and further generate individualized risk scores for your entire employee population—person by person. We call this the Human Capital Risk Index (HUI®).

When fueled by advanced data analytics, workforce engagement can become even more strategic and effective in reducing costs and improving employee health and well-being. This is what taking a data-driven approach to human capital management means to us and our clients.

Learn more about our advanced analytics and individualized risk scores

Proprietary data ingestion & data warehousing

It’s a simple concept: The more data sources you can include in a model, the more accurate and predictive your model becomes. That’s why we built our systems to be uniquely flexible to quickly and easily ingest data from a variety of sources using a late binding approach. This means we can stand up your program in a matter of weeks, not months. We aggregate data from your separate, transactional systems at the lowest level of granularity with minimal transformation—allowing for ongoing flexible analyses.

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Absence Monitor

In a world where some of our customers need to know in real-time who is calling off for the day, we found that communication channels like email and text were unreliable—not always reaching the right people at the right time, ultimately making it difficult to adjust staffing on the fly when needed.

Absence Monitor is a proprietary tool Workpartners created to help us and our clients receive timely communications about absences for the day and obtain approvals faster, giving the ability to adjust staffing in real-time.

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