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Workplace and Organizational Support Services

The benefits of choosing Workpartners:

When you choose Workpartners, you gain a strategic ally who recognizes that every business has unique needs that require customized, tailored solutions. We collaborate with our clients to understand their organizational objectives and budgets and design appropriate, comprehensive programs.

We provide your managers, supervisors, and leadership with comprehensive support services focused on their special needs. We work to utilize established communication channels and explore other methods to integrate our EAP services into your company’s culture. And we can deliver our services on site, online, telephonically, via video, or face to face.

Disruptive Event Management (DEM) consulting

DEM supports leadership and employees during a disruptive event, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, or other natural or man-made disasters. The DEM program can help you create a culture of psychological safety while encouraging resilience, reciprocal support, and self-care.

Our team of response experts is available for unlimited consultations throughout this current crisis, whether directly related to COVID-19 or any other disruptive events, such as the death of an employee or a workplace injury. We are available to support your team members telephonically or virtually by facilitating a resiliency group.

We also offer these programs and services to support your executives, supervisors, managers, and work teams:
  • On-site and online leadership training and development to support executive level and frontline management
  • Leadership consultations, trainings, workshops, and on-site support at events such as benefit fairs, wellness events, etc.
  • Integration with providers of leave management/FMLA, wellness, workers’ compensation, and short-term disability service
  • Unlimited 24/7/365 leadership and supervisor consultations to address managerial concerns, including performance management and resolving difficult employee situations
  • 24/7/365 consultation for addressing employee-related needs such as substance use assessments, mandatory referrals, and fitness for duty evaluations
  • Substance abuse professional (SAP) referral and monitoring service
  • Professional and personal development trainings delivered by experts in a variety of topics, including managing virtual teams, resilience, stress, substance use disorders, and mindfulness
  • Administrative support from a dedicated account manager who works to learn your company culture and designs effective programs and communication strategies.
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