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Human Capital Management

What is a data warehouse?

Understanding how well you’re managing your health benefit costs requires critical and timely information. But gathering the data is just the first step—you then have to analyze it and decide how best to use it. And the only way you can accomplish this is by implementing an integrated, individual-focused data warehouse.

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is a different kind of database. In a typical database, information is collected, then organized so it can be stored, accessed, and retrieved. A data warehouse is an analytic and reporting platform that takes the content from databases (and many different ones can be accessed at the same time), then structures it in a more efficient and powerful way for analytical use. That’s the important difference—a data warehouse lets the user transform the data into actionable information that can be used to drive decisions.

What makes our data warehouse different?

The analytic and reporting platform that WorkPartners offers leverages your existing data systems while integrating our Research Reference Database. This database is what makes our platform stand out. It contains data on about 4 million people from more than 100 self-insured employers. This is the most comprehensive database available, and it supports our goal of embodying “new thinking” innovation in all of our services. Our focus on the individual allows us to apply predictive analytics to our Research Reference Database and find the root causes of the inefficiencies and waste in our clients’ business policies, health plan options, and benefits design and compensation programs. For example, more than 50 percent of health benefit costs are incurred by just 5 percent of employees. They either use far more benefits than necessary, or they are receiving poor quality of care and aren’t improving. The new thinking solutions offered by our data warehousing can help you identify those employees and make sure they receive the appropriate care for their conditions. Our analytic solutions can also help ensure that your policies offer the right incentives to drive positive employee behavior. If you have the right policies in place, as well as the ability to quickly analyze your data and identify areas to make improvements, you have a very powerful tool to improve employee health and your bottom line. That’s what a data warehouse from WorkPartners can offer your business.


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