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Integrated Clinical Management Expertise

Clinical management is critical to the workers' compensation process and helps avoid ongoing issues. Whether you have an employee injured on the job who needs accommodations or an employee out on short-term disability, we believe medical oversight is essential to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Oversight from specialists and senior medical director

Our experienced specialists will review the medical basis for the requested leave; engage a nurse case manager or senior medical director, as needed; verify that the medical provider’s specialty aligns with the diagnosis; and ascertain that the leave time is reasonable for the diagnosis or an accommodation is applicable. The specialist will also compare the requested time with industry guidelines to ensure it is appropriate.

Our workers’ compensation clients benefit from medical case managers who ensure efficiency, tracking, and order:
  • Document receipt of referral in system.
  • Complete three-point contact on assigned cases.
  • Reroute employee to preferred provider when feasible.
  • Authorize all consults, diagnostic, and physical therapy.
  • Provide follow-up with doctor and update plan of action after each appointment, unless already completed by Claims Examiner.
  • Complete all surgery pre-certifications when surgery is indicated
  • Appropriately transfer calls to the telephonic case manager
  • Provide all restriction information to return-to-work coordinator.
  • Maintain contact with Claims Examiner with updated information as deemed necessary.
  • Follow case until return-to-work within first 60 days.
  • Maintain diary.
Benefit from our experienced nursing team

Our nurse case managers are registered nurses with a minimum of 3-5 years clinical skill; our current staff averages 20 years clinical and workers’ compensation experience.

Workpartners' nurses hold a wide variety of advanced certifications, including certified case management and medical surgical nursing, and they are knowledgeable in nursing administration and medical review.

We keep our caseloads at manageable levels for each of our specialists and nurses. When it comes to medical management of the requests, your leave specialists can engage one of our in-house medical case managers or our senior medical director as needed. The medical team will ensure that the medical provider's specialty aligns with the diagnosis and that absence time is reasonable for the diagnosis, or they will assist in obtaining additional information to evaluate a request.

When your employees are at their best, they perform at their best.

This philosophy is at the core of our workers’ compensation services where we provide a total program management approach. Our total program management approach brings efficiencies and economies of scale to your workers’ compensation program.

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