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Lifestyle health coaching programs

Our lifestyle health coaching programs help people make changes that last. Our health and wellness coaches are friendly, helpful, and up-to-date on the most effective ways to support your employees as they strive to improve their health and well-being.

We offer programs, services, and apps that can help your workforce get healthy, and stay healthy.

Tobacco cessation

MyHealth Ready to Quit®. Quitting tobacco is perhaps the most important decision a person can make to improve their health. Workpartners offers several options for those who want to live tobacco-free. This program guides participants through the quitting process, from understanding the triggers that drive urges to smoke to preventing relapse after quitting. Health coaches are available to help participants every step of the way, starting with preparation for “quit day.”

Weight management

MyHealth Weigh to Wellness®. Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about a new fad diet or a fancy exercise machine. It takes smart food choices and regular exercise. Participants learn the skills needed for a lifetime of successful weight management. With support from a health coach, they can increase activity levels and replace poor eating habits with healthier ones.

Physical activity

MyHealth Step Up to Wellness®. Fitting enough physical activity into a busy work and home schedule is a challenge. We help employees get motivated and make exercise a part of their daily life. After completing a simple review, participants work with health coaches to create a tailored plan for increasing activity. Participants can improve aerobic fitness, flexibility, and strength to support optimal health.


MyHealth Eating Well®. The foods we choose play an essential role in our health. We educate employees about the benefits of good nutrition and how to reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses. Cutting-edge tools help participants create a personalized eating plan that works in the short- and long-term. Participants also have access to hundreds of nutrition articles and healthy, tasty recipes.

Stress management

MyHealth Less Stress®. Stress is a leading cause of physical, mental, and emotional problems. Our programs teach participants techniques for managing stress, and these skills can lead to a happier, healthier workforce. Our health coaches can help participants better their work-life balance, lift their mood, and enjoy work and leisure time more.

Healthy, happy people make productive employees.

Health and lifestyle coaching creates healthy, happy people who make more productive and engaged employees. Start the conversation today to see how we can help you activate your people.

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