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Human Capital Management

How to manage your health care costs through human capital management

There are so many financial variables associated with health care that it’s impossible to predict exactly what costs your company might incur. There are many rules and regulations that affect health care, and there can be major changes to those rules from year to year. There’s also no way to forecast what illnesses, injuries, or other medical issues your employees might have to deal with in a given year. But there are tools that can help your company manage and lower health care costs where you do have a measure of control. Workpartners offers a variety of services that can help you lower your health care costs.

4 ways Workpartners can help lower health care costs:


Human capital management

More than 50 percent of health benefit costs are incurred by just five percent of an employee population because of overuse or from the poor quality of care they receive. Workpartners’ human capital management solutions use predictive analytics to identify employees in most need of care and ensure that they receive the right services at the right time, improving results and driving down costs. All these processes are complex and time-consuming, and putting these tasks in the hands of a trusted partner with years of experience makes sense for your business and your employees. Workpartners can help you lower costs, boost productivity, improve employee health and morale, and give you the peace of mind to focus on your company’s goals.

Mitigating injuries

The best way to protect your employees from work-related injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Workpartners offers training courses and resources to help your managers and employees reduce injuries and create a safer, healthier working environment.

Leave management

When an employee does have to go out on leave, Workpartners can reduce the administrative burden by efficiently processing the leave request, ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local requirements, and training supervisors so they know how to handle leave and disability requests. All this helps lower your costs as well as provides employees with the support they need at a difficult time.


An employee out on leave creates direct costs for your business (workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses) as well as indirect costs like increased overtime for existing staff, training replacements, and lower morale and absenteeism from employees picking up the slack. Our return-to-work program helps employees safely get back to work as soon as possible, preserving their role with the company while controlling costs for your company.


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