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Human Capital Management

People Activation: The Future of Human Capital Management

Placing people—not processes, policies, or procedures—at the center of HCM

In the past, workers would clock in, clock out, and pick up their paychecks at the end of the week. The introduction of computers, email, the internet, mobile phones, and other technologies has changed that framework over the years. However, all of that pales in comparison to the dramatic shift the American workplace has undergone over the past year and a half.

The workplace has changed forever

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the natural evolution of work-life into a revolution. More people are working from home, meeting colleagues and clients virtually, and staying safe while meeting organizational goals. These sudden and dramatic changes have led to even higher stress levels—and high stress levels can cause lowered productivity.

Employers have renewed their focus on the health, well-being, and satisfaction of their workers. Organizations are looking for new strategies that can support employees through everyday and once-in-a-lifetime stressors. While most employers examine their processes through the traditional human capital management (HCM) lens, more forward-thinking companies are taking a new approach: They’re placing their employees at the center of their efforts.

These organizations understand that their workforce is their greatest asset. They also believe work can be about more than earning a paycheck. They believe it can be a place where employees feel supported and thrive.

Workpartners® calls this approach to HCM People Activation. It’s how organizations help their employees and business flourish.

How People Activation transforms HCM

Maximizing employee productivity is the goal of HCM. Companies invest in education, training, and other programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce. They also provide health benefits to support their employees’ physical and mental health.

The traditional approach has helped companies think about how their employees contribute to their organizations’ successes. The problem is that this version of HCM centers on the policies and procedures required to achieve the company’s goals.

What if you could implement a successful HCM strategy that focused on the people who make a company succeed instead? What would an integrated approach that takes HR practices and employee health and wellness into consideration look like? It’s People Activation.

People Activation is the future of HCM. It brings employees—their needs and behaviors—to the forefront. Workpartners gathers and integrates a diverse range of existing data to evaluate productivity measures alongside health and wellness outcomes. Our person-centered analysis provides unique insights into how your employees' health, wellness, and productivity affect outcomes. We then work with your benefits administration professionals and human resources staff to develop better policies and processes built with your employees and goals in mind.

People Activation in action


  • Dawn works for a local business and recently used her FMLA benefit to take time off to care for her mother.
  • Because her employer used Workpartners’ People Activation approach, Dawn enrolled in clinical decision support services that allowed her to identify further resources to help during her leave.
  • Dawn engaged with available financial planning, caregiving, and mental health resources which improved her overall health.
  • These resources also helped her provide better care for her mother and make positive contributions at work.

That’s just one example of how our approach can help your business flourish by helping your employees flourish. That’s People Activation.


For more information on implementing a People Activation strategy at your organization, start a conversation with us.


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