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Technology to Administer Employee Benefits

The first opportunity to engage people with their benefits comes when they enroll. If that process is slow or difficult, you lose a vital chance to activate your most important asset—your employees.

eBenefits is a health, wealth, and productivity platform. It simplifies the job for your human resources team while engaging and activating your employees during their annual benefits enrollment.

Expert simplicity, passionately supported

A cloud-based solution and single benefits management platform that meets all your HR needs.

eBenefits’ HIPAA-compliant data transfers provide seamless integration with carriers, HRIS, third-party administrators, and other vendors. A single data feed protocol between the carrier and eBenefits is all that is necessary to ensure a one-stop shop for your organization.

10% Increase in employee engagement when they understand their benefits.

Source: Aptitude Research Partners, Culture Study, 2017.

43% Increase in the number of employees enrolled and engaging with benefits data management using unique benefits integration.

Source: Benefits Management: Separating Benefits from Compensation Is Key to Success, Zachary Chertok, Aberdeen Group, March 2017

47% Reduction in IT expenses reported by moving to cloud-based technologies.

Source: HCM in the Cloud Improves Actionable Data Insight Mgmt, Zach Chertok, Aberdeen Group, March 2018

Benefits administration platform

Today’s workforce is multigenerational, mobile, and global—yet people want to feel more connected and engaged than ever. eBenefits has the power to connect your workforce and make a real difference. Make benefits administration easy and efficient.

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ACA compliance

Manage compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by monitoring whether plans are affordable and meet minimum value and other ACA regulations.

Learn about our ACA compliance tool

Private exchange

An agile, customizable platform that enhances employers’ ability to offer a wider variety of plan options to employees—and lets brokers offer expanded plans and services to clients.

Explore private exchange offerings

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA)

Under the ACA, certain employers that do not offer full-time employees health insurance coverage that meets defined quality and affordability standards pay significant federal penalties. Newly available ICHRA options offer increased health care choices to employees and a model that lets employers adopt the more predictable defined contribution approach to medical plans.

Our nimble eBenefits platform is built to meet changing needs such as those presented by a group of unique ICHRA plans for full replacement or applicable eligibility groups.

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Billing and administrative services

With regulatory compliance at the forefront of what we do, we can handle all monthly billing and premium payments made by COBRA participants.

Our efficient and automated process makes it easy to communicate with team members when they have a shortfall in their weekly/biweekly benefit premium payroll withholding, indicating that payment is required to continue coverage of their benefits. Employees can pay in the form that best meets their needs: online, by phone, or by mail.

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Benefits Administration Platform


eBenefits is a health, wealth, and productivity platform. See our platform in action.

"eBenefits’ technology integrates eligibility and enrollment, reporting and analytics, billing, and more. It simplifies everything around benefits, for both our HR staff and our students."

Data protection takes priority.

We help tens of thousands of individuals understand, select, and enroll in a broad array of benefit program offerings. This enormous responsibility requires us to collect and maintain voluminous amounts of highly sensitive personal data about these individuals.

Protecting and maintaining the integrity of this data takes precedence over everything else we do—everything. That’s why we recently underwent a SOC 2 examination by an independent third-party certified public accountant (CPA) firm.

Let us show you where high-tech and high-touch meet.

Easily manage benefit administration, ACA, ICHRA, and voluntary benefits with our streamlined technology platform. Learn how our integrated, high-touch HR solutions can help your business thrive!

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