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Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

During the holidays, many people decide to put their healthy habits on hold. However, people with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar in control, regardless of the time of year. That means sticking with healthy habits, even throughout times of celebration. Here are some tips for managing diabetes while making the most of the season.

Be mindful of what you’re eating and when.

For many, the biggest challenge during the holidays is avoiding tempting foods. Here are some strategies you can try:

  • Eat at regular times to keep blood sugar in balance. If you’re eating later than usual, have a small snack at your normal mealtime and eat a little less at the holiday gathering.
  • Don’t arrive at a holiday party hungry. It’s harder to make healthy choices if you feel like you’re starving.
  • Offer to bring a healthy dish when you’re invited to a meal. That way, you’ll know you have something you can enjoy, guilt-free.
  • Plan ahead. Have that treat or special entrée you love, but keep the portion small. Enjoy every bite, and don’t feel guilty for doing it.
  • Give yourself a break if you have a slip. Mistakes happen. Just be sure to get on track as soon as you can.
Make time for exercise

Skipping a workout when you’re busy is tempting, but it’s important to keep moving. Exercising can help you control your blood sugar, and it’s a great way to reduce stress. If you don’t have time for your full routine, doing a little less is far better than skipping it altogether.

Prioritize sleep.

Not getting enough sleep makes it harder to control your blood sugar. Plus, when you’re tired, you’re more likely to eat foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Stay on top of your blood sugar.

It can be hard to fit in testing when you’re busy. Regular blood sugar checks will help you make adjustments to keep your blood sugar stable.

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