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Tobacco Cessation—How to Help Your Loved Ones

Be a friend: How to help your loved ones quit tobacco

Be the best support you can be:

KNOW that it often takes many tries to quit. If your loved one goes back to using tobacco, be supportive. You can still help them apply what they learned the next time they try to quit.

ASK what kind of support will help them most and listen without judging during the process. The first three months are often the hardest, so stay positive and show you believe in them during that time.

HELP your loved one to keep busy and learn about the five D’s to help them deal with cravings: delay, distract, deep breathe, drink water, and dose (meaning take a dose of a nicotine replacement). Talking, going for a walk, and keeping healthy snacks on hand can also help.

CLEAR the places you go of triggers: ashtrays, lighters, or any other items that could cause cravings.

READ about FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies that are shown to help people quit, like gum, lozenges, patches, and inhalers. Note that vapes and electronic cigarettes are not approved methods for quitting; they can have addictive doses of nicotine and dangerous chemicals.

ENCOURAGE your loved one to think they are a nonsmoker who is working to stay that way rather than a smoker who is trying to quit. People who consider themselves nonsmokers are more likely to stay quit.

REMEMBER, the first three weeks are usually the hardest due to withdrawal from nicotine. Be prepared to help your loved one tackle irritability and cravings—and to recover from slips during that time. Remind them you will be there for them no matter how long it takes.

Do you need help quitting? Email contactknovasolutions@workpartners.com or call 1-800-355-0885. We are available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m