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Women’s health— Tips throughout the decades

Your 20s

Now is the time to start building your healthy habits for a lifetime. Be active every day, try to get eight hours of sleep, and eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables.

Your 30s

Career and family life are taking off but try to schedule yearly screenings with your doctor to stay healthy. Continue to be active, maintain your nutrition, and drink plenty of water.

Your 40s

Begin seeing your doctor regularly for your heart. Also, start getting your mammogram. Make sure to eat healthy and be physically active. This is the time to start getting a colonoscopy screening.

Your 50s

Make sure to stay active to help prevent joints from becoming sore; try activities like swimming, walking, or a bike ride.

Your 60s

Keep your social circle close. Make sure to stay engaged with friends and family members. Join a swim class, walking group, or book club.

Your 70s and beyond

Start keeping your mind sharp and yourself safe. Build puzzles, remove tripping hazards, be active, and be informed of your medications. Remember to stay up to date with your vaccinations.

They can help to protect you and others from certain diseases. Get the flu shot every year and the COVID-19 vaccine as often as recommended. Talk with your doctor about any vaccines you may need.

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